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All of you have received at one time or another a notice in the mail that says if you want to be part of a class action, this is what you have to do.  Even though those notices are long and sometimes boring, you should read them to understand the basis for the class action claim, and whether you might make a claim.  If you don’t understand the class action notice, there is usually an 800 number to call, or you can call your own attorney.

One of the important points to remember about class actions is they are a way to level the playing field.  Class actions allow the little guy to deal with the big wealthy defendant.  

We have handled class actions since the 1990’s.  We first discovered a major auto insurer in Pennsylvania was cheating its insureds out of approximately $10 per week when the insured was injured in an auto accident while at work.  To file a suit over $10 per week would not have made sense.  Thus, we decided to file a lawsuit not only for the woman who was injured, but also for all of the people in Pennsylvania who had suffered a similar injury.  

Class actions normally take time, and that one was no exception.  It went to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, but eventually the Court agreed with our position.  We were then able to a recover a significant amount for victims from the big insurance company.

Since that time, we have represented claimants in class actions against auto insurance companies, primarily arising out of their own auto insurance coverage.  We have also represented victims of health insurance companies, such as Highmark.  

If you have been injured and you know the amount is small, but others have suffered the same loss, call us.  If we think your case has merit, we will follow-up and you may become the next class representative!  

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