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Questions And Answers

Do I need a personal lawyer?

In some cases, you will not need a lawyer and if we think that is the case, we will tell you that at the initial free consultation.  In cases that deal with insurance companies, most times having an attorney will maximize your recovery.

What is your fee?

Our fees are based on the type of matter we are handling for you.  For an example, in a typical personal injury case the fee would be one-third of the total settlement.  If the case does not settle, our fee is zero.  In addition, a simple will would be much less that one that may be complicated.  Our fee can be discussed during the initial consultation.

How much does it cost to meet with the team of Radcliffe Law?

Our initial meeting is free.  We usually sit down with you and discuss the details of the matter in which you need assistance.   This gives you a chance to decide if we are the law firm for you and also provides us a chance to review the details of the matter and decide if we can be successful in handling the matter.


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